Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's Enough Already!

Watch professionals of the Jewish Community sing "Dayenu" at the Minsk Jewish Campus. "Dayenu," hebrew for "it would have been enough" and a Passover classic, perfectly expresses Eritchka's feelings after 8 seders. Two would have been enough.


Amanda said...

You should know that you and I both laughed in the same way at the same moment when you panned the camera across the gentlemen in front of you. A thrilling Dayenu I might add. Loved the extra "ya" sound in the Russian-accented version.

Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom said...

fishbein--this is too good. i am just sad that you were not featured in it. i am coming to visit, when is a good time?

Gregory said...

lol-if people only truly knew the extent of dayenu for dayenu in your case!