Monday, April 2, 2007

Babushka of the Month: Looking Back on March Madness

Before moving onto Passover festivities, let us ponder the past month of Purim folly. There is no better way to meditate than with March’s best babushka. Donning her men’s suit, mustache, and bowler hat, Shoshana is the embodiment of the Purim theme, nothing is what it seems. In this photo, Shoshana is rehearsing for the Hesed elderly daycare Purimshpil. In their modern take on the story of Esther, Shoshana, as Achashverosh, is a gambling fanatic who loses his wife through the addiction. “He” meets the lovely Esther and saves her family from Haman, the evil cowboy, who tries to kill Esther’s family. Shoshana, grandmother of 3, is a regular attendee of Hesed programming and a celebrity in the Minsk Jewish Campus.

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