Monday, April 2, 2007

Chew on This!

“This is really the bread of affliction,” speculates Ilya Fridman looking like he’s chewing on a wooden plank. It is clear though, that not everyone at the Minsk Jewish Campus Mazl Tov model seder feels the same. At this daycare center’s seder for ages 0-3, toddlers ravenously devour hunks of matzah bigger than their heads, some putting down 2 or 3 whole pieces. The Mazl Tov staff bundles stacks of unleavened bread for parents to take home for the holiday so the whole family can celebrate, that is, if they can keep it away from their insatiable children!

Above photo: Ilya feeling the suffering of the Israelites while trying to eat a piece of matzah. On left: Mazl Tov staff woman celebrates Pesach in style—leopard is the new black this seder night!
Happy Passover!


amy said...

leopard is the new black??

come back to meeee.

Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom said...

leopard is the new black this seder night...oh my...i am crying.