Sunday, December 3, 2006

A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Mufti Walked Into Campus...

It may sound like the opening of an ethnic joke, but for the first time in Belarusian history, an inter-religious meeting was held to discuss issues of religious persecution. Due to the recent anti-semitic vandalism of the Yama Holocaust Memorial, The Union of Belarusian Jewish Communities invited leaders of various religious groups to the Jewish Campus in Minsk to discuss what could be done about anti-religious acts. This meeting was not only the first of its kind at the Jewish campus, but the first of its kind in the Republic. Among those present at the roundtable were Catholic Cleric Vladislav Zavalnuk, Russian Orthodox Father Fedor Povney, and Abu-Bakr Shabanovich, the Mufti of Belarus.

Leonid Levin mediated the discussion and invited each religious representative to share his thoughts. Each leader agreed on the importance of promoting religious tolerance to young Belarusians, and was eager to collaborate. Participants in the roundtable agreed that it was important for the different religions to come together as a regular committee. Through this committee, they will keep one another updated on religious issues and collaborate in creating programs and seminars promoting tolerance.


Gregory said...

A Litvak, a Poylisher and a Galitzianer walked into a mikveh...just joking..thats really cool-I had no idea you were covering such an event!
BTW тот католический прист в фотографии очень похож на мейса-янкела ;)

Mike said...

If you were covering this event, you should have asked those so-called "leaders" what they were doing to expedite the arrival of Peshotan.