Friday, December 29, 2006

Hanukkah Comes to an "Inspirational" Close with an Intergenerational Play

Folks in the Minsk Jewish campus can't stop talking about “Inspiration,” the Hanukkah play put together by professionals and clients of Hesed, Raduga, and The Jewish Family Outreach Service. When Lena, the director of Raduga, the club for young Jews with disabilities, proposed creating a Hanukkah play to be performed by mentally disabled youth and elderly individuals with physical illnesses, people thought she was reaching for the impossible. But after 4 months of daily tireless rehearsals with psychologists, counselors, and professional stage managers, Hesed, Raduga, and JFOS proved everyone wrong.

Actors old and young worked together throughout the entire theatrical process, from backstage management, to on–stage dialogue. Volunteers from Hesed remained on–call, assisting the young disabled to put on their costumes and practice their lines. What resulted was a Jewish artistic masterpiece which wowed the 100–strong audience.
Among those attending the performance was the director of Hesed from Bobruysk. The Minsk Jewish community has a reputation for pioneering innovative programming, and organization directors from all–over Belarus were curious to see the outcome of such an experiment. After the play, the Bobruysk Hesed director commented that now that she knows such a production is possible, she hopes to replicate it in her community.

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Mike said...

It should have been a christmas play. You could have used the Belarussian flag as decoration.