Monday, August 20, 2007

July's Best Bab- Dancing Queen: Irina Bukhel

This pioneering pensioner was one of the first to join Vitebsk Hesed’s dance troupe. “As soon as I heard about the club, I made sure my name was at the top of the sign up sheet,” said the 77 year-old. Affectionately called the Vitebskie Devchata, or Gals of Vitebsk, the group currently has 15 regular members who come together twice-a-week in the Barry and Merle Ginsburg Community Building in Vitebsk to practice eye-popping dances which never betray the ladys’ ages. “We make all of our costumes ourselves,” Irina proudly explained displaying her blue and white gown and crocheted bonnet. “We gals are proof to the world that grandmas can move!”

Top Photo: Irina poses in one of her fur hats after rehearsal. "I have a much bigger one," she says. Bottom Photo: Irina in motion!


Lyna said...

mama, i miss you

BEING HAD said...

You know Erica, I think what really makes what you are doing up in Minsk so great is that you seem to be concentrating on community building rather than fund raising. I think many of the Jewish organizations from the west who have come to Belarus have completely forgotten that their missions were supposed to be about helping Jewish people and not filling their coffers or building funds to be diverted to other areas. What you seem to be doing though is concentrating on people and the elders of the Jewish community as well as providing liaison service and help for visitors coming in to see what "The Life" is all about. Bravo and kudos to you for your attitude and perseverance. Please keep up the good work and know that there are those out here who know the difference and appreciate sincerely all you have done.