Saturday, February 3, 2007

January's Best Babushka

Name: Esther
Age: 89
Place of Birth: Shiraz, Iran
Current city of Residence: Jerusalem

Don’t immediately reject this Babushka for not being Belarusian. The overthrow of the Shah in ’79 instigated a steady flow of immigration of Iranian Jews to Israel. Esther, already a mother of 6, decided to move to Israel with her grown daughters and brother. In this photo, Esther is showing off her emergency button bracelet. Although she lives alone, she can find peace of mind with the two-way transmitter which connects her to Yad Sarah’s communication center. A touch of the button on her wrist automatically activates a voice connection with the nearest Yad Sarah control room, allowing her to feel secure as a housebound elderly woman. She received this bracelet free-of-charge through JDC-ESHEL, which strives to improve the living conditions for the elderly population of Israel. This little invention is a triumph of engineering skill which allows Esther to remain Queen of her little palace in Nakhla'ot.


Jen said...

What a cosmopolitan melange of babushkas! I can't wait to see Miss February!

Lyna said...

Mama, I love your posts and am happy that I can still laugh and your unique craziness during these months of seperation