Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Away From Minsk, Eritchka Turns Blue

After an overnight flight sitting next to a Belarusian woman and her yapping chihuahua, Eritchka arrived in Israel feeling a bit sad to be away from the Old Country. Thankfully though, there are planty of blinztes to eat in the Holy Land to tide her over until her return. Eritchka is in Israel for her not-so-mid-year seminar for Jewish Service Corps fellows, and will return to Minsk Jan. 23.


kseniya said...

very stylish!! good luck and enjoy your stay. best, kseniya

Sarah said...

Oh!! its steph!!! and you!! oooh I MISS YOU GUYS!! eritchka, your blog is WONDERFUL!! me, adam, andrew and sendor talk about how hilarious it is almost on a daily basis! becasue we talk about YOU on a daily basis! everyone asks about you...anyway, i miss you, and this blog is just excellent!!! im sending you some food soon! LOOOOVEEE!!
:) sarah